About Us

Dr. Larry J. Romine

Dr. Larry J. Romine is a self made multi-millionaire investor, businessman, author, and entrepreneur.   He has over 35 years experience in successfully founding, directing, and growing different types of businesses.   For the past 35 years, he has been investing in many categories of investments using many different strategies.   He has been involved in Angel investing programs to help young startup businesses become profitable.

Dr. Romine made his first real investment when he was just 26 years of age and still in undergraduate college.   He continued to study, experiment, and apply his knowledge to all types of investing over the years.   He has had some major successes like turning a $90,000 investment into $2.5 million!  He reached the state of complete Financial Freedom at just 49 years of age and decided to retire from practice and devote his time to investing and helping others.  He has been a financial mentor and business coach for over 25 years.   While still in practice he taught many doctors how to start their own clinics and the rules of financial success (you'll learn about this in the program).    As a result of seeing more doctors in private practice having difficulty just making a profit and achieving the success they deserve,  Dr. Romine spent two years writing and designing 'The Raptors Group Financial Freedom Educational Program' so that others could achieve what he has (or even more!).   Now all types of private practice professionals can learn how to make greater profits in their businesses and create true wealth for themselves and their families.

Jeff Teza

Jeff TezaJeff has over 35 years of executive management, marketing and engineering experience in High Technology Industries. He has been involved in 14 startup ventures and served on 5 Board of Directors.  Jeff recently became an Entrepreneur In Residence  for the University of San Diego Entrepreneurship program.

Jeff co-founded Brooktree who enabled desktop color computer graphics, and high speed data communications to the home. At Brooktree his roles included Senior Design Engineer, VP Marketing, and VP of Business Development where he lead the company’s strategy from inception through Initial Public Offering (IPO). Steve Jobs publicly credited Brooktree with the technology that enabled the color MacIntosh.

Jeff's experience includes Angel and Venture Capital, precedent setting Intellectual Property litigation and has been investing in public and private equity, options and commodities for over 25 years.  Jeff earned a BSEE from StonyBrook University, an Executive MBA from the University of California at San Diego and holds four patents.