Although you may wonder why we would want to explore this area. Personal Growth is essential in your education on how to achieve your goal of FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Why? Because it really is our thoughts that keep us from achieving a specific goal, grow our practices, or even make the choice to invest in a particular way. You need to learn about yourself and why you make decisions. You need to understand how to control your emotions when evaluating an investment. You will be taught to better control your thought patterns so that you can evaluate better, make better decisions, and really enjoy your choices. You will really appreciate this area and how it helps you in every area of your life!


Planning & Goal Setting is a  fun section in the program. You have probably already set some kind of goals in your life and maybe even had a plan to get there.   But you may have found, like most people, that life gets in the way and those goals just seem to pass us by.  But in this section you will be going in-depth into what you really want in life and why.  You will learn what drives you and how to use that to achieve great things you didn't think were possible.  You will not only set specific goals and time lines to achieve them, but you will have a specific PLAN so that you can track those goals as you move toward them.  You will see that you really can have ANYTHING in life you want!


This is a critical area of your path to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  Most doctors, attorneys, and other private practice practitioners are incredible at what they are trained for...caring and helping others.  And although many are considered by others already financially successful, they may have challenges in continuing to increase their profits to the level they desire and may even feel they have reached the 'maximum' they can achieve in their business.  At the Raptors Group you will teach you new skills to grow and manage your business at a level of excellence and profitability that you may have only dreamed of.  We will show you how to make it easier on yourself and still dramatically improve profits.  You will learn to grow your income without stress by using better management and business techniques proven to grow your clinic or business to its highest potential. 


This section of The Raptors Group program is an exciting concept in business consulting and investing....and it is something we are very proud of!  Our goal is not to tell you what to invest in...because the investments that work today may not be good investments tomorrow.    A better way is to teach you how to  EVALUATE all kinds of investments for YOURSELF.    Imagine really understanding how to evaluate stocks, commercial  or rental real estate, bitcoin or cryptocurrency, options, private money lending, or even coffee or gold BEFORE you invest.  You will be able to better understand the process and what is a good investment for you now AND in your future.  You will learn to evaluate investments by understanding them better. This is absolutely critical area of your education and your success to the next levels you desire.  


We are very excited about the potential for this area of the program.  Although this area is still small, our goal is to add many more videos and webinars over time that you can watch on many different business and investing topics.   The Webinars and Videos are exclusively available to members only. You can either register as a member then watch the webinar live and ask questions, or you can watch a recorded version in the Webinar/Video Library at your convenience. These Webinars and Videos will be an ongoing part of your education in business and investing as they are produced and recorded.   This area will continue to grow as we produce and record more webinars and videos.  Suggestions for topics from members are encouraged!