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The Raptors Group is a membership program. Your first year is designed so you’ll have time to learn to use all the items in the manuals, assignments, stats, calculators, Webinars, and Videos. Your first payment is for the FIRST YEAR PAYMENT only unless otherwise stipulated in writing in your agreement.

For you first year membership, we currently are offering two payment options for membership in The Raptors Group. The price of membership will likely increase in the future and can change at any time. We encourage you to not delay if you are considering membership.

The cost of the Initial Year Membership in 2018:


Payment for the first year can be made as a one time payment for a 10% discount or in three equal payments of $3,331.67 each.

Membership Options

One Time Payment

Receive a 10% discount if you pay the full annual membership fee upon registration.


Three Equal Payments

Membership fee split into three equal payments spread out over the year of your membership.

Three Payments
$3,331.67 per payment
$9,995 Total

Complete Registration

Registration Details and Terms

One Time Payment: If you pay the full annual membership fee at the time you seek membership with us, we will provide you with a discount of 10% off the full price of $9,995 resulting in a total amount due of $8995.

Three Equal Payments Plan: Under this plan, you may spread the total membership fee over three EQUAL payments as follows. The first payment of $3331.67 is due at the time you sign up. Your second payment of $3331.67 will be charged to your payment source 4 months after you sign up. The third payment of $3331.66 will be charged to your payment source 8 months after you sign up. By selecting this payment option, you authorize The Raptors Group, LLC, to charge the payment source you provide in the amounts noted above. You will be required to agree to these amounts to be auto-deducted from your payment source. There is no interest charged to use this payment plan.

Renewals: Subsequent year’s Alumni Raptors Membership Dues are $1200.00 per year (paid at beginning of each new year). We will contact you 30-60 days prior to the end of your calendar year membership with information on continuing your Alumni Renewal Membership, if so desired. Although most clients choose to continue as members, continuing your membership as an Alumni is completely optional.

More Information: Please contact us if you have any questions at 1-800-975-8644 or