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Please enter the data below so that we can have your name listed on the Webinar for our Expert Speaker. We are so proud of all of the Raptors Members and all are intelligent and great people. Always respect each other and help each other! WE ARE ALL STRONGER AS A GROUP…AND YOU ARE A MEMBER OF A VERY EXCLUSIVE GROUP…. THE RAPTORS!


  1. Please remember our EXPERT SPEAKERS are here on their own time and are here to HELP TEACH YOU. They are teaching you about a specific topic, not about your portfolio or what you should do to invest in. They cannot and will not give you investing advice. So, please respect them, your fellow Raptors, and remember they are here to discuss only the topic they are teaching you.
  2. Please Thank the Expert Speaker after asking a question and at the end of his teaching period. We want all future speakers to really want to help us, so let’s be grateful even if you don’t necessarily agree with their ideas or stats. Remember THEY ARE EXPERTS, they do this for a living, and you do not! These are some of the top people in the country helping you…be respectful, listen, take notes, and be open to new thoughts and ideas.
  3. 3. Our Expert will make every effort to answer all of the questions our Members ask AT THE END OF THE TALK and during the Q&A period only. But if there are lots of questions, he may need to choose selected questions due to time constraints. Our speaker has complete control over the Webinar. So please be aware of the other members when you ask a question and don’t ask follow up questions unless time permits. Please don’t ask too specific of a question to our speakers about your personal investments. Try to be general if possible and make your question something others may learn from also. They are here to help all. So questions that others can learn from are great!
  4. If you find that you need a question answered that wasn’t answered and you really want to use it to decide if this investment idea is something you want to explore more, then our Expert Speakers will have their contact information at the end of their Webinar, so that you can call their office. Please remember these are very busy people and only contact them if you are really considering investing in their topic. These are very nice people by respect their time as they would yours.

If you decide you may want to use one of our EXPERT SPEAKERS to help you invest in something, (after you have completed the other sections – especially the Personal Growth and the Planning & Goal sections), then feel free to contact the Expert and work with him. There ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS GETTING RICH QUICK OR FIANCIALLY FREE QUICKLY. Wealth and Financial Freedom take a long time and you should take your time and learn as much as possible before deciding on any investment strategies. The only thing guaranteed to happen in life is CHANGE! Things change, economies change, an investments success rate will change, and so do investment risks. Remember that being able to put in place a solid plan today, may not make it a solid plan in 5 years. You have to be flexible, evaluate, update if needed, and continue learning new ideas.

(Here comes the Legal stuff…) Any investment advice or use of the Expert Speakers for any investments are strictly outside your membership and are not related to The Raptors Group, LLC in any way. WE GIVE NO INVESTMENT ADVICE. We are here to teach you about many different investment topics using real Experts in their fields, so you can make better-informed decisions on what you decide to invest in. We assume no responsibility for any losses or gains in investments you chose or any Experts advice you decide to use or any Expert Speaker you chose to use for any investment.

Learn as much as you can, and you will do better than most everyone out there. So take your time, learn as much as possible, save, and make sure you understand your risk level discussed in the Planning & Goal Section, track your investments, make changes as needed and use your RAPTOR knowledge to invest wisely for your FINANCIALLY FREEDOM! Enjoy!!

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